Is it the monster we fear, or are we our own nightmare?

Horror appears when fear comes a little too close to home

Gothic by Fred Botting

One idea that is prominent in cultural studies is that texts contain either conscious or unconscious relevance to the state of social anxieties and culture. The zombie subgenre in it’s exploration of cultural anxieties has proven itself to be a “timely, popular, and relevant narrative form…” that has “both great cultural significance and lasting social value” (American Zombie Gothic by Kyle William Bishop). Zombies are the fearsome Other – the anti-thesis of the thinking, cultural and social human. So often in zombie fiction, the threat isn’t so much of what is out there – the zombies – but what is within the survival groups, the hierarchies they create, the inequalities, the tension and the strive for survival at any length. Perhaps what we fear about zombies is they they are a reflection of those living humans who survive, where the animal is let loose, society goes to hell, and discrimination is no longer important.

So I put to you, you are the zombie.

This blog is an experiment and exploration of the wide, wide world of zombies – from the gut-eaters to the fast ones to the alien parasites to the romantic hero. It’s often hard to convince people why zombies are so damn cool – and especially hard to get people to read zombie romance novels (although I have a brave co-worker willing to try it). Regardless of the dead passion for them, I think they are fascinating, and will continue to pursue them (in study and research).


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