Sharing: Australian Science Fiction and the adaptation of vampires

While my focus is on zombies, a lot of zom criticism can cross-relate to other monsters or genres. Since it’s impossible to read everything ever written or peer-reviewed, I keep all spec fic genre criticism in my peripheral vision. I have quite a few texts on science fiction and Buffy, not all of it of course is directly related to zombies, but the undead, the changing vampire, the ‘other’ of aliens, you can see a bit of zombie lore in there too. No text is ever completely isolated, and it’s always bloody interesting to learn more!

Here’s two peer-reviewed articles I found recently that generally relate. They are free to read and, as is a basic required software anyway, requires Adobe Reader to read.


Adapting the Undead:
Vampires, Fidelity Criticism and Hammer Horror’s Dracula 1972 AD
by Carolyn Burns

Extract: In this paper I will evaluate this assessment of the adaptation process by examining the way that the vampire narrative has been reinterpreted through the camp and fleshy excess of 1970s horror, uncovering the generative possibilities of unconventional adaptations of classic literary works.

Australian Science Fiction, as showcased by Australian SF Anthologies

by Stephan Kraitsowits
Abstract: An apparently convenient way of studying Australian science fiction is to analyse the contents of ready-made anthologies of Australian science fiction. In doing so, the researcher discreetly circumvents the thorny issue of ‘What is Australian?’ and also ‘What is science fiction?’ by taking for granted that the texts within collections of Australian sf necessarily are Australian science fiction. Things, however, are never quite so simple and before being able to add to the debate as to what Australian science fiction truly is, it is necessary to overview the 50 odd years separating the most recent sf anthologies from the very first anthology showcasing Australian science fiction and to plot the meandering course of the genre’s commercial development.

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