For the Dark Lady


A Forsaken Warlock (my own isn’t wearing nice enough clothing to show off, and she’s only in her 20’s)


One of my favourite types of zombies! The Forsaken from World of Warcraft. I love the lore and quests associated with them. So here is a post dedicated to them.
There’s a lot more detail on the Lich King and what Sylvanas has done throughout the expansions, but I thought I’d try to keep this short. For all the best lore, I use WoWWiki, or you can play all the games ^_^.

There was once a young prince called Arthas whose kingdom was under attack and his people being turned into the undead, called the Scourge, an attack by the Burning Legion (demons). As he goes about the kingdom following the Scourge’s path, Arthas meets dreadlord Mal’Ganis who manipulated the prince to massacre his own people, then go to Northrend and take up Frostmourne, the Lich King’s cursed sword. Thinking he was saving his homeland, Arthas took up the sword and became a Death Knight. As a Death Knight, he commands the Scourge and becomes a puppet of the demon Kil’jaeden and the Lich King Ner’zhul.

With his undead army and an evil voice in his head, he wrecks havoc across Azeroth, killing his father King Menethil, and destroying the land. An elven Ranger-General, Sylvanas Windrunner, fought to defend her lands and her people against him, but in vain. She dies, but he resurrects her as one of his own minions, a banshee. She fulfils his commands and kills her own, but the Lich King’s powers begin to wane and it is she who rises up and takes the other newly awakened Scourge under her leadership and calls them the Forsaken.

To retake control, Arthas is called to Icecrown Citadel and releases Ner’zhul from his icy prison, taking the crown of the Lich King upon himself and merging souls with Ner’zhul, becoming one of the most powerful beings on Azeroth.

Sylvanas becomes the Banshee Queen, ruler of a vast army of Forsaken and allies herself with the Horde to retake Lordaeron, the kingdom of most of the Forsaken before they were turned.


Here are videos which explain more about the Lich King (contains spoilers if you haven’t played the Wrath of the Lich King expansion of World of Warcraft, but if you aren’t going to play it, this is a great montage of the cutscenes in Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft):

Some gameplay montages of how Sylvanas came to be:

A song of mourning for her lost people, the Lament of the Highbourne, sung by Sylvanas as part of a quest line:

Click here for lyrics in original Thalassian and the translation.

An awesome fan story on the Forsaken:


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