Things I’ve learnt from zombie media


  • Will hit hospitals and police stations first as they’ll be the first on the scene following illness/death.
  • Business district on a weekday – always a danger.
  • Hotels are another danger area.
  • If you find any container that has army stamps on it, don’t open it or try to conceal it.
  • Beware your loved ones

Safe Zones

  • Suburbs will be safer the further out from the main city centre you get.
  • Military bases (the more rural, the better) – but don’t expect a warm welcome.
  • McMansions, castles (depending on which country, you may have lots, you may have none) and farms (big open spaces, food, usually own guns to defend lambs from predators).
  • First thing when entering a new zone or area or place – shut the door or gate behind you so no more zoms can get in after you’ve killed the ones already in there.
  • Small apartment buildings with an elevated ground floor – although this does present a problem as it’s best to have more than one way out, in case of breach
  • Don’t trust scientists, but you can trust arts professors. Also don’t trust the military (as a group, individuals are sometimes okay) or rich people. Also red necks have good aim, but are most likely jerks or will jeopardise everyone’s safety by acting recklessly.


  • Solar energy!
  • Heading out will be dangerous, always travel in groups.
  • Go for pharmacies and small grocers rather than malls.
  • Gun stores will be the first looted. The safest weapons are a mace for melee or bow for ranged (helps if you know how to shoot an arrow. According to zombie texts, anyone can pick up a gun and shoot someone in the head even without training.)
  • Without human interaction, how long will state-supplied power last? Or phone towers and reception? The internet?!
  • What part of the body will start to go first after death – hearing, eyesight or smell? (Influences how the zombies will find you. Will be affected by the type of zombification – paranormal or scientific, voodoo or aliens.)
  • How much fuel is there usually at petrol stations? (In Sydney at least, they are usually bunched together either across the road or up the street from the last one.)
Add your own rule in the comments!

Zombieland Rules
Recommended Reading

The Centre for Disease Control wrote a post on survival during a zombie apocalypse that went viral last year. So worth it!

Zombieland Rules

The Australian Zombie Awareness Association

Zombie Research Society

How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Graeme-Smith

Recommended Playing

Zombie LARP games! Google Human Vs Zombie to find a group in your area, or check out these groups in Australia at the Riverina, Perth, Canbera/Southern NSW


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