Trailers: World War Z and Warm Bodies

World War Z

Based on Max Brooks’s book

(Article here)

My opinion: I knew the format had to be changed from the book to the movie. but this is not love at first sight for me. I have a theory that really big celebrities can ruin immersion, it’s what made me feel distant from Contagion, and I’m feeling the same about Brad Pitt in this. I’m not going to be all dramatic and say I won’t watch this, because I’m a fan of the book. I will watch it with an open mind.

Warm Bodies

Based on Isaac Marion’s book

(Article here)

My opinion: It’s no secret I love this book, and the trailer looks like it has stayed close. It looks great! I can’t imagine what it must be like to act as a zombie with heart, but from what I’ve seen, it looks like they’ve done well. I was especially looking forward to what the Boneys looked like – they were quite different than in my head – but I’m not disappointed. You just know I’ll be running to the cinemas when this comes out!


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