Casuals in Games

I like playing games. My favourites and most played are World of Warcraft and The Sims 3. I often see and read attacks on people not only for the games they like, but how they like playing. It’s pretty sad.

What I love about The Sims 3 community is that you can play any way you want and it’s legit! You can make machinima, stories, architecture, custom content, fashion shows, creating worlds, creating self-sims and living out their lives. My thing is creating every single family in town and then playing to watch them all grow and change. Changing the content is easy – you can turn off seasons or change average life span. I do have mods to make the game a bit more challenging. I like the lifespan as is, but have a mod to make the bills 2.5 times higher. I wish I could change the lifespan of vampires, ghosts and fairies though. Vampires learn so fast, they can max a skill in a few sim-hours, and that’s boring to me, so I don’t play vampires.

In WoW, the community is very different. Rated pvper’s say that raiding is ez-mode, and it goes the other way. They are all that matters – but this locks out a lot of other things. What about people who focus on lore (ignoring various people’s opinion on how much/good that lore is. I love Sylvanas! For the Dark Lady!). Personally, I love leveling. I have two of most characters, over 12 characters that are 85 or higher. Only 3 level 90’s at the moment, but working on the mage next. On my hunter, I love PvP, but I don’t do rated. My shaman is geared for raiding, but our guild is working up to raid level (although quite a few have done LFR so far). I just go and play with my guild, how does that affect you?

Some people complain about the raid buffs that increase your damage and such to help some guilds get through the content. This can be turned off, and it’s never offered at the start but much later in the expansion. What does it matter to others if more people can get through content you’ve already done and expert at months ago? I’m working through old raid content at the moment for the story and transmog gear, and that makes me happy.

Sure this is comparing a solo game versus a MMO, but either way – my gaming doesn’t concern you.


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