Transmogs and You

So one of the things I do is play World of Warcraft. I love it! Considering it’s been going on for over eight years is a big achievement. One of the things I like in particular is the fairly recent addon of Transmogrification (although other games deal with this in different ways too, with dyes and so on). So I thought I’d share some of my pretties.

I’m not quite sure why transmog affects me so, but I actively want to play characters that in a nice, matching set. I do go off into old raids a lot more than I used to (previously for the gold it dropped, but now that’s been nerfed a few times) just for transmog.

I’ve been to loads of different websites for transmogs, so if you want to find more, go to WoWRolePlayGear, Icy Veins, WoWtransmog, WorldofWardrobes.  Most of my gear sets are similar or slightly adapted from sets on WoWRolePlayGear. They are really good ^_^.

Shaman hunter Priest

This is my main at the moment, my shaman! She is currently sporting the Naxx10 Earthshatter look. It’s fairly easy to solo most of it, the Plague and Arachnid quarters, Patch and Thaddius of the Construct quarter need help (although I did manage to get Patchy down solo once, it was pure fluke because I haven’t been able to do it since!) The mace is Jol’Grum’s Frozen Mace. Clearly haven’t found a nice offhand to match the set yet.

This is my hunter. While she’s getting together stuff to be able to raid, she mostly PVPs. Her set is very easy and mostly from the AH. Look for Ebonhold for most of it. The shoulders are Skeletal Shoulders, also BOE. The bow is the ever lovely Vengeful Gladiator’s Longbow, available from Area 52 for 750 honor.




These are my priests, top Alliance, bottom Horde. They are both wearing the same style, but different recolours. The white is Avatar – from Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye (luckily, I got all pieces in one run of each!). The black is Merciless Gladiator’s which can be bought from Kezzik in Area 52.












Here is my lovely Alliance pally, of whom I often get whispers about how gorgeous her transmog is. Half of what she is wearing is the Conqueror’s set, BOE, usually quite expensive from the AH so if any ever drops, don’t sell it to a vendor! The shoulders are Swiftsteel, which is a BOP blacksmithing pattern. The head is Lightbringer War-Helm, of which the token drops from Archimonde, last boss of Hyjal. The first boss is a bit of ditz, I haven’t been able to solo him, but the rest is pretty easy. Her two-hand is Masterwork Spiritblade Decimator (BOE from blacksmiths). While I can’t seem to get a nice one hand, her shield is the Royal Crest of Lordaeron, easy to solo heroic Culling of Stratholme. Cloak is from a Shattered Halls quest, the Mantle of Vivification.


And finally, this is my horde pally! She is sporting the Revenant set – which is available as a very expensive BOE set, but for the horde you just need to do some easy quests in Nagrand. Her cloak is from Karazhan (which is easy to solo, but for some reason I can’t get past the chess event, even with help, anymore ><). Look behind the bookcases for Terestian Illhoof and take his Gilded Thorium Cloak. You’ll recognise the shoulders, a nice recolour of the Judgement set. The Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons are from the last boss in Hellfire Ramparts. One thing that hasn’t dropped for me yet is the two-hand Despair from the Romero/Julianna Opera Event in Karazhan.


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      1. You goblins and your unreliable technologies! 😛 I mostly get my ideas from other players or sites. The few things I’ve tried to mix and match, not even the blacks match *sigh!*

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