Australian Zombie Authors

Tomorrow I’ll be tweeting for ABC’s Radio National, talking about zombies of course (10.05-11am with academic Sarah Juliet Lauro, the Showrunner for The Walking Dead Glen Mazzara, and Rob Hood and Chuck McKenzie). RN had an interest in Australian zombie writers and while they don’t quite have the programming to cover everyone I’ve read and loved, I’ll just post it here!

I’ve tried to keep it short, but all of them have many more writings and awards than I can list – so I’ve provided links so you can see their full awesomeness. The first listed publication/s are their main zombie work/s.


Narelle M Harris (@daggyvamp)

Holly Kench (@stuffedO)

  • Secret life of a zombie fan
  • From a project In Fabula Divinos established by author Nicole Murphy to assist in editing and publishing of new authors
  • Holly also manages Visibility Fiction for promotion and publication of inclusive Young Adult fiction
  • Interview

Martin Livings

  • Short stories, Eeeewsday, working on zombie James Bond novels
  • Author of: Living with the Dead (Shorts), Rope (Historical Horror) and Carnies (Supernatural Thriller)  – and a huge list of short stories
  • Author awards: Winner of three Tin Duck awards (WA Speculative Fiction) for short and long works
  • Interview

Gary Kemble (@garykemble)

  • Dead Air – Robert N Stephenson’s Zombies, reprinted in best Aust Dark Fantasy and Horror 2008
  • Author of: numerous short stories
  • Author Awards: Honourable mention in the 21st Years Best Fantasy and Horror, two wins for One Book Many Brisbanes.
  • Interview

Jason Fischer (@jasonifischerio)

  • Quiver – a collection of novellas into a novel from Black House Comics, Everything is a Graveyard (shorts – forthcoming)
  • Author of: and a whole lotta short stories
  • Author Awards: 1st place winner of Writers of the Future
  • Interview

Rob Hood

Angela Slatter (@angelaslatter)

  • The Dead Ones Don’t Hurt You, The Girl with no Hands and Other Tales, Ticonderoga Publications and Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
  • Author of: Midnight and Moonshine, Sourdough and Other Stories, Black-Winged Angels (all collections of shorts) and many short stories
  • Author Awards: First Australian to win British Fantasy Award 2012, twice winner of Aurealis Award (one for Best Collection, one for Best Fantasy Short Story)

Chuck McKenzie

  • Notions Unlimited Bookshop in Chelsea Victoria
  • Author of: Confessions of a Pod Person, and a variety of short stories
  • Author Awards: Nominated for six Ditmars and an Aurealis
  • Interview

Sean Williams

  • Castle of the Zombies (Book 1 of the Fixers series)
  • Author of: Books of the Cataclysm, Books of the Change, Astropolis, Star Wars, TroubleTwisters (with Garth Nix) and insane amounts of other works
  • Author Awards: Multi-award winner of the Aurealis and Ditmar awards in various categories

Garth Nix

  • Old Kingdom series
  • Author of: Keys to the Kingdom series, TroubleTwisters (With Sean Williams)
  • Author Awards: Numerous wins of Aurealis and Ditmar awards and many more


And for those interested, some erotica and romance:

  • Flesh and Skin and Room with a View by Kylie Scott @kyliescottbooks (erotica set in a zombie apocalypse
  • Lust Plague by Cari Silverwood @CariSilverwood (erotica set in steampunk universe during a zombie apocalypse)
  • The Seven Signs Series by Erica Hayes @ericahayes (apocalyptical paranormal romance)
  • Scary Kisses 1 & 2 short story anthology of paranormal romance with a variety of creatures published by Ticonderoga Publications

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