Achievements or GTFO!

hordeFor over two years, I have joined every group I could talking about raiding another city and killing the leaders. Horde or Alliance, whatever I’m on, I’ll do it! But most don’t get the numbers, fall apart before they get there, or even in the last group I was in a few weeks back, they had invited people under level … 60. Yup. He got toasted just in front of Durotar.

But last night was different! A raid was put together by a PvP guild on the server, they were NOT dumb enough to sit at the entrance to Orgrimmar, and one even set up a trial account to spy on Horde chat. Horde were enthusiastic about protecting their Warchief, but alas, could not save him. They annihilated us after. At Baine, there were a few stragglers that tried hitting us. At Sylvanas, about 5 or so just watched. At Lor’themar, one dude showed up and just sat there. So clearly no one gives a crap about the Blood Elves.

I would be all dramatic that I felt conflicted at killing my precious Banshee Queen, but actually I was looking forward to her the most!

I do wonder what achievements actually do. Of course, we are challenged by them and thus spend more time on the game doing things we wouldn’t usually do (Explorer – totally boring!). Xbox even sweetens the deal by giving you prizes. In WoW, it’s mounts, pets or titles. There are more side-games now to WoW with pet battles and challenge mode dungeons. We aren’t allowed to be bored! For the Sims, there is no reward. You get an achievement for sending your Sim to the shops or buying a book.

Some achievements in WoW are considered worthless or lesser. Every man and his Worgen has the Jenkins! title. Doing achievements on exploration or getting a haircut is not valued, although the overall achievement score is used particularly in forum posts to gauge whether a player is actually worthy of an opinion (a little bit bulls if you ask me!).

While my next alt will bring me up to 5 at max level, worthy of 100 points, I’m much more looking forward to the below achievement, only worth 90, but with a nice title that I can use to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies!



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