Kickstarter Coolness: Just Press Start

The aim for this Kickstarter is to create a curriculum for the JFK Middle School that combines video games and learning. The learning aspect will include essays, reviews, and creative writing.

I don’t have the words to say how incredible this looks! I want it for myself <.<  But I’m all grown up (and looking into games at university level). I grew up on Word Rescue, Maths Rescue, Treasure Mountain – all educational DOS games. Actually, I just downloaded them recently onto my tablet (DOSBOX FTW) and started playing them again, just for fun.

There are always reports floating about of schools removing creative practice or classic texts for “functional” works. I hate the idea of the school as a factory, or the point of school to create mindless worker drones. This kickstarter, I hope, is just the beginning of a fascinating exploration of learning. Learning is about the funnest thing I can think of (I can also make up words, if I want to …) and one of the best things is to give others the opportunity to learn!

Go donate now!


(The below video is an example of learning through video games, not the actual kickstarter)


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