Hipster Zombies

One thing that semi-amuses and semi-irritates me is the attitude of ‘Everything new is bad’.

Zombies are so mainstream now. Zombies are so pop culture now. I only liked them when they were scary. I only liked them when the films were made by Indies.

And so on! I do exclude from this general dislikes: aka disliking running zombies, because really, there’s no way we’d outfight that. We’d be gone and done for. With slow zombies, we have a chance. Anyway, that doesn’t mean you hate all new films.

The basic argument is “Have you seen all these new zombie films that you say you definitely hate them ALL? Really?”. But more than that, zombies are now in the hands of authors and screenwriters. They are bloody creative beings and that’s why we love them and have our favourites (Neil Gaiman writing for Dr Who? Hells yeah I’m watching that episode!). You can’t dictate to others how they SHOULD be doing things.

Imagine what it was like when America started taking up the zombie idea, but from the perspective of those who believed in it for real. Or imagine growing up in the 30s and 40s and all those great zombie films and then watching Romero. What the hell are these things?! “These aren’t zombies”. That’s because they have changed – and the world and humans and culture tend to do that.

You don’t have to slap “Twilight rip-off” on every single zombie romance (and I will kill you in the apocalypse for doing that). But zombies don’t think, you say! Well, we all worship at the altar of Romero (all zombie fans run back to Grandfather when they want justification), and zombies do have a growing consciousness particularly in Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead.

So why am I blabbering on about this? Because of a fantastic French movie I can’t bloody find anywhere to buy, and it’s re-make into a tv series, Les Revenants. And I want it, regardless of the hipster zombies on the comments. The storyline looks incredible!

There’s an article here at the Telegraph and one here at Den of Geek talking about the series coming to the UK, and man, I am so jelly right now. It’s super unlikely it’ll ever come to Australia, so I’ll have to wait till it comes out on DVD/Bluray.


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