Transmogs and me 2

Here we see my lovely hunter again, this time in the Gladiator’s Pursuit, but the gear also comes in PVE from level 70 raids as the Demon Stalker set. If you get the PVP set, there are no equivalents for the waist and boots (just wearing ebonhold here until I decide I want to take her out to old raids XD).  The bow is un-mogged, just the Malevolent Gladiator’s Longbow. And just for fun, my little friend, the Direhorn Taweret!sek

I love my mage, she is so beaut beautiful! While I am working on a light blue set for her (if the dress ever drops!!), this suits her very nicely. It’s a PVP set, the Wrathful Gladiator’s Regalia.
I have two for my warlock, the first is very easy to get! Robes of Arugal, Black Mageweave shoulders (or Mantle of the Black Cabal) and Black Mageweave gloves, Silver-threaded sash, Staff of justified sins (Warlock only!), but the Staff of Natural Fury could look good!
I like this, but not quite finished. Mostly because the full Felheart set hasn’t dropped – Warlocks have so many gorgeous tier sets, it can be very hard to choose where to go and what to collect! Felheart robes and bracers, black mageweave gloves, the mantle of three terrors and sulfur stave. If you are into cloaks, I rather like the Nethervoid cloak.


2 thoughts on “Transmogs and me 2”

    1. I do! Very slow in getting them though. For my shaman I farmed the Naxx set and it only took 2 runs, my lock has been through MC at least 5 times and only has the bracers and chest! Now I have an altar set up to the Gods of RNG, we’ll see if my luck gets any better 😉 The most common sets I see are T5 and T6 (although I do have a few Malefic bits … everyone wants those wings!), or the PVP versions of them, so I’m trying to do something a little different. 🙂

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