More, more, more transmogs!


Here is my lovely rogue wearing the Discovery Armor (recolour), and the unmogged heirlooms,  Stormshroud shoulders and  Scalet Kris for daggers. As Horde, I got the armor set from quests in A Thousand Needles, I think it’s the same for Alliance. I don’t know why my shoulders aren’t mogged to the same set <.<


This is my dear friend on her hunter alt. She’s sporting the Black Dragonscale set with Valanos’ longbow. A simple and elegant look that can be obtained from leatherworkers!


My dashing monk friend is wearing Firecharm legs, shoulders and hands with the Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain (there are alternatives for this if you have already done the starter quests for Jade Forest, it is also from Trial of Crusader – both for Rogue and just un-classed leather EDIT: All these are Alliance only designs! Sorry Hordies ><) and the Talon of Azshara. And nearby is the favourite pet of the moment, the Lesser Voidcaller!


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