WoW Selfies

Not much going on at the moment. It’s the holidays, and naturally as soon as they start, you get sick. I’ve been watching early Doctor Who episodes, and started Mad Men (yes, I’m years behind!). Also more Warcraft, of course. There’s some research going on, but I don’t have any substantial thoughts about any of it yet.

One thing I have taken up is selfies … of my WoW characters. I feel like I should show remorse for it, but WoW is full of interesting little details!belf - Copy

This here is my BElf hunter, showing off a stunning set I am yet to finish (damn non-matchy shoulders everywhere!). My friend laughs at me when I show him the armour sets I like on WoW, lots of chainmail bikinis. Depends on the character though, I choose non-combat pets that match their “personality”, as well as titles, which mounts they use, and of course the armour and weapons. duke grins - Copy

This was some quest text from Icecrown. I just like the added RP depth to what I was being asked to do. “GO KILL (number) (mob)” would be boring and meaningless without the additional text.
hks - Copy

Finally got this achievement, yayyy! My dear friends were online with me and we were all PvPing together at the time. AV was not offering many opportunities for killing, so I just ran IOC time after time after time. Little did I know, there’s an achievement AND title for 250,000 kills. This may take a while <.<leih - Copy

I love the look of this instance! This is my paladin at Vortex Pinnacle. It’s an instance in Uldum, a place rather muchly based on Ancient Egypt, which I’ve always had a fascination with (partly due to cat-worship, partly due to meeting @graecomuse in Egyptian Archaeology 101 XD).

magecleaning - Copy

This was a neat little detail I hadn’t noticed before on a Horde skyship, headed to Twilight Headlands. A mage deckhand. not the eye of sauron - Copy

This is totes not the Eye of Sauron … It’s just a big eye on top of a tower in a land corrupted by evil and ruled over by a really bad guy. Totes original XDqueen - Copy

Bow to the Slayer of the Archlich! Now bring me a sammich, mortal minions!
ray - Copy

Finally got my Skyguard reputation up and now have these lovely rays to ride. The purple, of course, is the best looking, and matches my mages armour. tauren

A quest in Karasang Wilds on Horde side that has a rather sad event, followed by the introduction of these adorable Tauren babies! Very pixely, but very cute. time lost figurineWith the Skyguard rep grind, I also got a trinket that turns me into a Skettis Arrokoa. Can’t mount with it on, sadly, but it looks very cool nonetheless XD

gargle and gurgle

This is in Zangarmarsh, just a troll witch doctor and his two pet murlocs, Gargle and Gurgle. They just pitter patter around his feet.
in the heart of horde homeland

In the heart of the Hordes land, beneath the shadow of Orgrimmar, the Alliance is just in the middle of it under a bubble and transforming people into robot cats.garroshbad

Now this image was disturbing. Basically, the leader of the Horde, Garrosh, is a big jerkface, the usual trying-to-take-over-the-world-for-the-pure-race villain. The trolls are rebelling against this evil orc. This is why we need to kill Garrosh!me n tyr

On a happier note – here’s my hunter and my friend Tyr, just before going to kill Galleon for the bajillionth time. Later, she helped me get the spectral porcupine XDrave

I found this picture on my old hard drive of a dear friend I met in WoW who died a few years ago. He was a rather serious player. Back in vanilla, I would tease him by running into giant elite mobs and laugh at him trying to save me. I stopped playing around the time of mid-end BC, but we still kept in touch and talked often. He was a great bloke 🙂


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