As is usual, I’ve been sick pretty much the whole holidays. Awesome-not >< So my brain isn’t up to the task of identity politics and suburban alienation in American teenagers, but I can still kill!

My dear friends and I decided to take on the Firelands – none of us had ever been there before. We’re about fun! Doesn’t matter how many times we die, we don’t read about fights before we run in, and we just have a good time.

So here are the before and after pics of the bosses! There’s me as resto Shaman, monky swapped between tank and dps as necessary, and the hunters were BM and MM.


We didn’t figure out the string thing. Strings came down that you had to climb up for the boss, but the strings didn’t last long and we didn’t have enough to all get up there around the same time. So the monk went up while the hunters and I stayed below just taking down adds until the boss went into the next phase.


beth dead



We had a problem with adds at first – they rather like healers >< . So we just had the monk focus on the bosses legs, and the hunters on the adds and me healing. rhyo livingrhy deadAlysrazor

It’s a bit hard to take a pic of her living – as soon as she’s out, the fight starts pretty much. We died a LOT. We did actually have to go google to see how to do it. So instead of a living pic, here’s one of our floating skeletons!

flying corpse

alys downShannox

We sort of accidentally got his attention before I could take a pic! He was very easy, no deaths.

shannox downBaleroc

Only one wipe! Healers shouldn’t stand near the crystals.



baleroc deadMajordomo Staghelm

This fight was a little different than normal, as he was in cat form the whole time. It was just a DPS burndown.


By far, the easiest fight! It was nothing. Avoid the bad, kill the adds, hit the boss. No deaths.









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