What’s your most and least favourite expansion?

So waking up to a new post on WoWInsider where it asks: What’s your favorite expansion and what do you like most about it? What’s your least favorite expansion and why? Has an expansion made you leave and not come back until the next one?

I’m going to go through the whole history, just for kicks.


Vanilla was a glorious time when everything was new. At first, my friend did not explain the differences between a PVP and a PVE server to me, I just joined him on Horde as a Troll Hunter called Piffleflop. She didn’t get past 21, in part because of the ganking in Stonetalon, and also said friend had moved back to Alliance on another server. PVE thankfully. I don’t like people interrupting my fishing. One of the first things I did as a little human Mage (who is now a blood elf on a different server) was walk to Gadgetzen. Up to Ironforge, onto Menethil, take a boat to Auberdine, and walk down the entire map to Feralas, across to Thousand Needles and then down to Tanaris. I met my guild in Feralas when someone asked in General why was a level 8 there. I loved the world events, like the Scourge invasion, even though I didn’t really do raids (think I did a few, MC and Blackwing Lair). I would spend hours grinding the undead near Chillwind Camp. Still have my Argent Dawn Commission too! I really felt like I was helping something, even if they’d re-spawn, even if I wasn’t doing the big ol’ raids. I wanted the Magisters Set most of all, but alas, did not get many pieces >< And as is the case with hindsight, now we have transmog, I regret not going back to get it, but hey. Hindsight’s a bitch.


BC  was pretty, oh so pretty! But I never got the sense of a continuous storyline. I changed mains to Balance Druid (which I changed to Resto at 70) and Warlock (demonologist – race-changed to Worgen now) and was on a different server. I did some early raiding, Karazhan I did some of it on both (I remember a Holy Paladin being given Int leather that I’d asked to roll on >< ), but mostly the Heroic Dungeons. I loved Black Morass and the Caverns of Time, when I could visit Southshore, where the NPCs I knew and loved were little. There was nothing in particular I did around here, but I got a taste for the alt lifestyle. I unsubscribed though before the end of BC because I got into university.

Skip forward to the end of my bachelors degree when Cata comes out (my dear friend purchased it for me along with Wrath). Wrath, I completely hated everything about it. It wasn’t epic, it wasn’t pretty, the clothes were awful and the people in LFD rude (for the most part). It may have been that I hated Wrath because I got two expansions at once, and I was dying to get to the new content, I’ll allow that. My druid and priest were the chosen ones at first. Cataclysm was great (controversy!) for me because it had a continuous storyline throughout the new zones. I knew what had to be done and why I was doing it, which I hadn’t experienced for a while. But then leveling and going through heroic dungeons got to me, I got bored and turned to the dark side.


This is my blood elf hunter, as she looks now at 90. I got so bored with Cata (I think I had three or so at max level on Alliance), that I went and PvPed for almost the whole expansion. Just random battlegrounds and Tol Barad, I loved Tol Barad! I got four hordies up to 85 (priest, mage and pally as well).

Nearing the end of Cata, I was convinced to go back to the Alliance and join a mate’s guild, in which I made lovely friends who we still hang together every weekend! We were all waiting for MOP, and doing the Theramore scenario as soon as it came out. I had a beta key to MOP because of a deal they had on at the time. Got a mage to 90 there. It was so pretty!


In MOP, I changed again to my Shaman, who I had to level up quite a ways since she wasn’t already at 85. The lands were lovely, the quests … kinda had some story to them, but I didn’t care much about it – bloody Anduin running off everywhere! I already hated Dread Wastes from the beta, and it is dull and boring and I hate those damn Klaxxi ><  Don’t get me started on the awful Golden Lotus grind. So many bloody dailies, and I hated them all except the farm and fishing. The dungeons got old quick, but I actually started to raid, both LFR and I tried a few times at Normal, but it was rather boring. There’s only so many times you can tolerate wiping on Garalon before it becomes un-fun. Raiding just isn’t my thing.


The more exciting parts came with following the stories inside the raids and from 5.3 onwards. Not the least of which was more alt-friendly things, like the commissions. From here I changed back to my good ol Warlock, who got a race change. The Barrens quests (still grindy, but at least they weren’t dailies!) and the Timeless Isle both were really exciting and I managed to gear up all the alts I don’t play so much very quickly (pretty much just use the pally for old raids – took me two level 85+ paladins to realise I’m not very good at melee).

And that’s where we are up to now! I have 8 full level 90s, 5 over ilvl 500 and SoO worthy (my friends got mad as hell when my poor abandoned horde hunter got five burdens of eternity! Overall I’ve gotten 18, but only two on my main. The RNG gods hate me and love my alts!).


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