Friends on Radio

This is an interview with my dear friend @SandrAntonelli who is researching women over 40 in romances, and pulling us up on our ageism. Older women have very specific stereotypes, the crone, the cougar, and rarely seen in a romantic light. She’s fought these general stereotypes herself with her two books, For Your Eyes Only and Basic Renovations. Check out her website here.

Another romancey PhD friend, looking at it from the librarians POV is @VaVeros. This show doesn’t have a podcast, but if you click the link above you’ll see all the links and info that Vassiliki talked about. There was discussion about whether libraries are keeping up with the digital age (mostly; yes), about the services they offer (they aren’t just there to loan you books, but offer a range of community events such as reading groups,  mums and bubs groups, even hosting apocalypses).

All the delicious brains, PhD buddy Jodi McAlister (@JodiMcA) frequently does podcasts on tv shows, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. She’s studying romance literature, but also has a passion for theatre. I haven’t listened to the podcasts yet, because I’m very far behind on both shows, but she is bound to radiate her awesome through the airwaves.

Jon Page, bookseller extraordinaire, is also a book reviewer for 702 Sydney every Tuesday at about 10:30am. He talks on all sorts of interesting topics, and pretty much what he doesn’t know about the Australian book industry isn’t worth knowing. He tweets along at @pnpbookseller, and you can check his website here (GO BUY INDIE BOOKS!). The show doesn’t get a podcast, so be listening to the show or follow Jon’s twitter to keep up with it.


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