More and more WoWSelfies



My friend (shammy) and I (in T1) with her new little baby Shappi!

kare and moonmoonMy friend dancing with her new MoonMoon pet!

dear friendWhy is a demon like a writing desk? Damn imps, get off my books!


jennyHacksaw Jenny


Undead undercover agents, Skully and Molder

hidingNo ogres will ever find me here <.<



The beautiful Pandaria, looking over Jade Forestshrine

Found some random skeletons on a shrine on one of the mountains. I wonder what their story is!watchers on the wall

Looking up at Mount Neverest from the Great Wallwar

Looking across the water near the starting area of Jade Forest (for Alliance). view from mogushan 5.4

And this is what we (*cough* Garrosh) did to Pandaria! STOP CLIMATE CHANGE!


Nagrand is one of the most beautiful places in all of Warcraft, I love it herenagrand2

See? Told you it’s super pretty!


And for a not-so-lovely picture, a Scarlet Citadel in Northrend. They are not very nice people.


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