Geek Nail Art

One of my other hobbies is nail polish and nail art. Every 1-3 times a week, I do my nails in pretty and fabulous ways. I’m not the best at it, but it is something to do which is nice and relaxing. My biggest issue is deciding what to do – I have about 150 nail polish colours and there’s a wide range of techniques and designs to do. Of course, what better than to combine my love of nail polish and my love of geekdom?

This is easy to do – even for a nail polish noob! I really admire people who can paint whole artistic scenes on their nails, but I don’t have the ability for that sort of fine art. I tend to rely on colour schemes and stamping primarily, so this post will be about easy-to-do tributes.  nails

(Not really a geek nail design, just one of my favourites ^_^)

Look at these awesome Attack on Titan nails! Now this is the sort of intricate work I cannot do, but it is so good!maxresdefault


You can play with colour for a nice, simple geek tribute. An obvious example would be TARDIS blue (of course, the colour of the TARDIS has changed over series). According to the internet (but I couldn’t find an official BBC post), the official colour is Pantone 2955C.pantoneThe indie nail polish companies I particularly like also do collections. Celestial has done Game of Thrones, Cinderella and Avengers (below) colour collections. Pretty Serious is currently working on a post-apocalyptic collection based on Borderlands and Fallout colour schemes. piCture pOlish did a few Rocky Horror inspired colours. These are usually limited editions, however, so if you see one you like, GRAB IT!avenge+the+earth+collectionYou can also mix and match colours (say, a TARDIS blue with a silver or dark sky glitter on the accent nail). Accent nails are the ones that are different from the rest, usually the ring finger. Or you can use a different top coat, to make it matte or extra shiny. I love the combination of matte and shiny, like the first pic!

Or you can do an ombre (where one colour blends into another) by using a sponge with 2 or more colours – look up tutorials on youtube. Another option is, like my first picture on this post, using washi tape to create lines. This can also be done with vinyls, which I’ll talk about below.



There’s a lot of different designs that can be done by using everyday items such as sponges, tape or toothpicks, or you can get more elaborate nail specific things like vinyls or stamping plates. Here is a gorgeous Hearthstone tutorial I found:

Vinyls are just stickers for your nails. You do the base coat, wait till it dries, put a sticker on, and then do a clear top coat to keep it on. This TARDIS vinyl sheet is from Loki’s.


Stamping plates are much more elaborate designs, but simple work (again, lots of tutorials on Youtube!). You’ll need to get a stamper and scraper, as well as the plate (most of the links at the bottom of this page sell them, but The Creative Shop stamper from piCture pOlish is a nice squishy one!)

The two below are ones I own, the Thor plate from Hehe and the Moyou Geek #7. Both stores have a lot of different designs, Hehe also have Miyazaki Hayao plates and Harry Potter designs. As well as other geek plates, Moyou has literature plates, such as for Dracula or Frankenstein or Pride and Prejudice styles!SH004s_large moyou


As an example, let’s say I want to do nail art based on Sylvanas (which I do!). First, let’s pick a colour scheme!


I have this fabulous shimmer colour from Max Factor, Noisette (145) that varies between a light brown and shimmery purple. Okay, so Sylvanas isn’t very shimmery, but I think the colours work well and the shimmer is very subtle.

Next, a metallic grey. I have Saavy Peppercorn, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. From the looks of it on the website, perhaps Awaken by China Glaze would be a good alternative.

saavyI think I would do all nails as Noisette, and use the metallic grey as a stamp polish. For my accent polish (ring finger), I want to reflect the curling designs on Sylvanas’ breastplate, which I can get by using a small section of Hehe #004. When I apply the design to the stamper, I’d use a cotton bud to carefully remove the extra curls around it.

sylvieFor the other nails, I’d use Loki’s chevron stickers as a guide to paint a few lines of metallic grey, maybe two or three on each nail, to reflect the lines on Sylvanas’ leg armour.

chevronsIt’s just an idea, but one I need to try!



These are my personal favourite brands and stores for nail polish, with great range and customer service! Most of these places also have facebook pages, on which they often have announcements for upcoming collections, and discounts or even nail polishes specific for those in the group.


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