I’m a first year PhD candidate in the department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies researching the process of identification particularly with non-normative characters in young adult literature and video games. This will be analysed through a primary framework of disability studies and using a triangulation of approaches including autoethnography, textual analysis, fan studies and sensory ethnography.

I completed my Master of Research in 2014. My thesis, entitled ‘Romancing the Corpse’, was an examination of the representations of zombies in young adult paranormal romance through the theories of biopolitics (particularly Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer and State of Exception), genre studies (how the works were situated within the romance genre) and audience response. You can contact me through Academia.edu or Twitter.



  • Zombies (and other monsters)
  • Genre studies (particularly paranormal romance)
  • Video Games
  • Young Adult literature
  • Disability studies
  • Creative writing
  • Media representations
  • Technology and Culture

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