Mount & Blade: Warband Part Two

Hello! And welcome to another exciting adventure of …. me trying to work out how to use methodology. When we last saw our hero, I was trying to organise my ethics application which is now (finally!) about to be submitted and I can get onto my literature review and methodology chapter.

While some methodology I’m using is pretty easy, auto-ethnography, fan studies/cyberethnography (think, reading forums or blog posts where fan discussions are had), what I’m doing with these videos is really taking from a few different styles of other ethnographies and trying to apply them to video games. Usually, these are things like “walking with” or “tour videos”, but applying them into a game context can be difficult for a variety of reasons.

The reason why I’m doing this in a weird and new manner is because I feel that some of the stuff I have read so far give very little agency to the focus of the study: the gamer themselves. For example, think of a multiple choice personality test. You’ll get questions where you aren’t sure whether you better fit one or two, or even more, of the answers available, but you can only pick one even though it is not quite right. This is so not my style. Instead, my research will be guided by gamers themselves and what they choose to say or show. It is about the gamer FULLY choosing how to represent themselves, not being some pawn. They create their own context.

And with that rant out of the way, here is Part Two wherein my friend (who I nicknamed Paladin) films his gameplay of one of his save games.

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Mount and Blade: Warband Part One

I’m trying to work out my ethics application at the moment, so I thought I’d test my instructions on one of my friends. Yes, he’d be biased; no, I’m not using it for the main study. I just wanted to see what sort of video he would create based on the instructions I gave him, and what information I could gather from it.

In this, I’m going to call him Paladin, and Paladin chose to play Mount and Blade: Warband. While he recorded two videos for me on this game, he played different avatars in each one, so this blog post will be on the first video only that went for 10 minutes (the first video is to show the character creation and introduction to the game, where the second video is showing gameplay of his most recent save file). In this video, his avatar was Shizuka.

I’ve not played Mount and Blade before, so any vagueness about the description of game play is because I’m limited by this one source. Screenshots are watermarked across the top with a web address due to the free recording software used.


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