In Character

While I don’t go on RP servers in Warcraft, I define particular personalities for each of my characters (which also is reflected in their transmogs, titles and even pets). I also play DnD, in which I do completely roleplay! This post is inspired by this blog on WoWInsider. There may be issues with the lore – this is based on what I understand. I am interested in lore, but not as proficient with it as others (I’m working on it :P). If I get something wrong, let me know 🙂 I’m just focusing on a few alts, because there’s not enough room in the world for me to discuss ALL my alts!


The Alliance

In general, I feel I’m more Horde than Alliance. I have a thing for monsters <.< Of the Alliance, most of my characters are Draenai (and I can’t wait to see more of their lore and history in Warlords of Draenor). I don’t have much love for any of their leaders, although Varian is getting more development. Tyrande is pretty cool, but I feel she could do more. I used to care for Jaina, especially how in WC3 (and in Caverns of Time. Man I love that place XD) she rejected Arthas’ order to storm Stratholme and left the Eastern Kingdoms for Kalimdor. Since Theramore, she hasn’t been the same and I rather think she’s going a bit insane. Her values are no longer that of the Alliance (personal perspective from in-game events. I need to read Tides of War). I feel Varian is stuck between two extremes now: Jaina’s mad push for revenge, and Anduin’s weak “let’s all be friiiiiiends!”.


I get the feeling that my warlock isn’t as dedicated to the Alliance as the rest of my characters. Gilneas initially refused the call to join them, and built the Greymane Wall after the second war to isolate themselves (a good idea since a bunch of internment camps of orcs were nearby). Worgen are a hybrid, cursed monstrosities. Not to mention that, as a warlock, she wouldn’t be very trusted anyway. Some Alliance races have been horribly decimated by demons and refuse to touch that kind of magic, and she feels this distance keenly. She is outside of humanity and disregards the original Alliance races for forming the Alliance in the first place, and feels that the Draenai, Night Elves and Pandaren would also reject her for her use of demonic magics.

Once noble, she is reduced to being a refugee and not entirely a welcome one. Although she now lives for war, she *thinks* she would have been happier if the Wall had not been demolished by the evil undead. In her mind, they destroyed her peace, but also she had problems before them. One of her family became a true feral worgen years before and has not been found since, so could not be recovered to their senses and taught to control their beastial side. She is alone in the world, as much as she tries to deny that it pains her.

All that said, she will fight the good fight. She quietly rejoices in killing (and even has GoSac, so she’s not above killing her own demons either). Her manner is often sarcastic and slightly bitter, even towards her friends (yes, she somehow manages to have friends despite all this :P). She is cautious of others and will choose who she spends time with very carefully.




My shaman is usually quite open and friendly, even bubbly with friends, but she’s been very disturbed of late. She is steadfast and dedicated to the Alliance, away from the demon tainted races. Admittedly, she feels more pity towards the orcs for falling for the demons deceptions. Not so much pity for the blood elves who took on the demonic powers willingly (although playable belves are a bit different from those who went to Outland, I think?), although now she is beginning to soften towards them for their killing of Kael’thas and rejection of Garrosh. Both orcs and blood elves are still the enemy of the Alliance, however, so her pity does not extend anywhere near to sympathy. She would never defy the Alliance. She believes in the goodness of the faction and holds fast to it.

However, she was my main when I chose to do Operation: Shieldwall, and she hasn’t fully recovered from the horrors she has seen. Her innocent belief in justice and a justified war has never faltered as strongly as it does now. Jaina’s attack on Dalaran was ruthless and without mercy. It was an act of cruel revenge for the Sunreavers for helping the Horde, after Garrosh destroyed her city of Theramore with a mana bomb. My shaman was shocked by what she was asked to do (for gameplay reasons, I played through it. If I played for RP’ing, my shaman would not have continued. She would have been disgusted and left to contribute to the war in other ways).

She considers Draenai to be a little bit superior along with nightelves for rejecting barbarity, although this has no bearing on how effectively she works or fights. Jaina’s actions have made her wary about the future of the Alliance if Jaina is still around, and continues to have the ear of the human King Varian. Varian’s choice not to start a war with all of the Horde and just focus on Garrosh, working with Vol’jin (the troll leader), made her maintain hope for the Alliance, that not are all as warped as Jaina has become.


The Horde

First off, I just don’t get orcs that follow Garrosh. Garrosh is a cruel and twisted leader who uses corrupted magics and has no problem in killing other members of the Horde to further his own goals. This is, perhaps, because I’ve never played an orc. On the other hand, I totally sympathise with Sylvanas. I was there with her as she was killed and resurrected by Arthas. I followed her journey from slave of the Lich King to regaining consciousness and establishing the Forsaken. Rejected by the living, the story of the undead is of heartache and immense loss. I am not blind to the crazy stuff she does now, and that she is quite screwed up, but it perhaps because I’ve followed a lot more of her story that I take this position. I think the two best starting areas in the whole game (post-Cata) are Undead and Worgen, although I’d be more likely to get a tattoo of the Horde symbol IRL and only play Alliance more because all my friends are there. FOR THE DARK LADY!


This is my undead warlock. Unlike with the living races, warlocks seem to be much more accepted in Forsaken society. They’ve cobbled together what was left of their dead realm and remade themselves, fully in the knowledge that they are made from unspeakable evil forces. They embrace their dark side completely, but will never again be controlled or manipulated by demons or Lich Kings or anyone else (including the leader of the Horde).

As far as I’m aware, they’d be entirely happy being on their own – except for two reasons, no one living would leave them alone. Pretty much most races consider them an abomination, even within the Horde, and they definitely aren’t to be trusted. The second reason is that they cannot procreate – Sylvanas has been searching for new ways to create a plague or use Valkyr to raise new undead to bolster her forces and keep her Forsaken going (disregarding the living is a pretty big thing for the Forsaken), but without wide-scale success and of course with no support at all.  Without Sylvanas, there would be no Forsaken, so of course my lock would follow her leader anywhere.

This is the world my Forsaken lock lives in, and she accepts it completely. Darkness is now her comfort. She has no regard for living beings, long since having lost her own humanity. She chooses not to remember much of her life before as she was without power or influence. Her life before has no meaning now. In her Forsaken life, she is Born Again with more than she could have dreamed of in her tiny, useless existence as a human before. Humans are nothing but annoyances with the Scarlet Crusade presence in Tirisfal and the whining of the living for the territory they used to own. Lordaeron is Forsaken territory! Gilneas is empty, Hillsbrad is now plagued. The humans have no power over the Forsaken. No one does, mortal or immortal.


nysMy blood elf huntress is fierce and focused. While she’s rather ‘meh’ about the other races of the Horde, she fights for them (not for Garrosh’s version, obviously, since he only likes orcs). She thought Thrall was rather weak, but Vol’jin has earned his title with his own blood. She is rather sympathetic to the Forsaken, in a large part due to Sylvanas’ former station and her working to get the Blood Elves into the Horde. She wasn’t too thrilled about the potential for the Blood Elves to join the Alliance (*spits on the ground*). She’s less likely to treat her allies with outright disgust (as my undead lock) and is less suspicious (like my worgen lock). More so that she doesn’t feel completely bound to the others (Horde, allies or others of her race) but she tolerates them.

Despite their prettiness and fancifulness, blood elves are not to be underestimated. She may have a bit of a bikini-armour thing happening but this does not mean she is not a threat to her enemies. She is more devious in planning and executing a strategy against her enemy. She’s more used to being alone in the world with her pet prowling by her side, and doesn’t really hold any expectations of others. She knows she can only rely on herself. My hunter will work with others of course, and she can play on a team, more so that she’s tired of useless bickering and just ignores it to get on with the job.


More and more WoWSelfies



My friend (shammy) and I (in T1) with her new little baby Shappi!

kare and moonmoonMy friend dancing with her new MoonMoon pet!

dear friendWhy is a demon like a writing desk? Damn imps, get off my books!


jennyHacksaw Jenny


Undead undercover agents, Skully and Molder

hidingNo ogres will ever find me here <.<



The beautiful Pandaria, looking over Jade Forestshrine

Found some random skeletons on a shrine on one of the mountains. I wonder what their story is!watchers on the wall

Looking up at Mount Neverest from the Great Wallwar

Looking across the water near the starting area of Jade Forest (for Alliance). view from mogushan 5.4

And this is what we (*cough* Garrosh) did to Pandaria! STOP CLIMATE CHANGE!


Nagrand is one of the most beautiful places in all of Warcraft, I love it herenagrand2

See? Told you it’s super pretty!


And for a not-so-lovely picture, a Scarlet Citadel in Northrend. They are not very nice people.

What’s your most and least favourite expansion?

So waking up to a new post on WoWInsider where it asks: What’s your favorite expansion and what do you like most about it? What’s your least favorite expansion and why? Has an expansion made you leave and not come back until the next one?

I’m going to go through the whole history, just for kicks.


Vanilla was a glorious time when everything was new. At first, my friend did not explain the differences between a PVP and a PVE server to me, I just joined him on Horde as a Troll Hunter called Piffleflop. She didn’t get past 21, in part because of the ganking in Stonetalon, and also said friend had moved back to Alliance on another server. PVE thankfully. I don’t like people interrupting my fishing. One of the first things I did as a little human Mage (who is now a blood elf on a different server) was walk to Gadgetzen. Up to Ironforge, onto Menethil, take a boat to Auberdine, and walk down the entire map to Feralas, across to Thousand Needles and then down to Tanaris. I met my guild in Feralas when someone asked in General why was a level 8 there. I loved the world events, like the Scourge invasion, even though I didn’t really do raids (think I did a few, MC and Blackwing Lair). I would spend hours grinding the undead near Chillwind Camp. Still have my Argent Dawn Commission too! I really felt like I was helping something, even if they’d re-spawn, even if I wasn’t doing the big ol’ raids. I wanted the Magisters Set most of all, but alas, did not get many pieces >< And as is the case with hindsight, now we have transmog, I regret not going back to get it, but hey. Hindsight’s a bitch.


BC  was pretty, oh so pretty! But I never got the sense of a continuous storyline. I changed mains to Balance Druid (which I changed to Resto at 70) and Warlock (demonologist – race-changed to Worgen now) and was on a different server. I did some early raiding, Karazhan I did some of it on both (I remember a Holy Paladin being given Int leather that I’d asked to roll on >< ), but mostly the Heroic Dungeons. I loved Black Morass and the Caverns of Time, when I could visit Southshore, where the NPCs I knew and loved were little. There was nothing in particular I did around here, but I got a taste for the alt lifestyle. I unsubscribed though before the end of BC because I got into university.

Skip forward to the end of my bachelors degree when Cata comes out (my dear friend purchased it for me along with Wrath). Wrath, I completely hated everything about it. It wasn’t epic, it wasn’t pretty, the clothes were awful and the people in LFD rude (for the most part). It may have been that I hated Wrath because I got two expansions at once, and I was dying to get to the new content, I’ll allow that. My druid and priest were the chosen ones at first. Cataclysm was great (controversy!) for me because it had a continuous storyline throughout the new zones. I knew what had to be done and why I was doing it, which I hadn’t experienced for a while. But then leveling and going through heroic dungeons got to me, I got bored and turned to the dark side.


This is my blood elf hunter, as she looks now at 90. I got so bored with Cata (I think I had three or so at max level on Alliance), that I went and PvPed for almost the whole expansion. Just random battlegrounds and Tol Barad, I loved Tol Barad! I got four hordies up to 85 (priest, mage and pally as well).

Nearing the end of Cata, I was convinced to go back to the Alliance and join a mate’s guild, in which I made lovely friends who we still hang together every weekend! We were all waiting for MOP, and doing the Theramore scenario as soon as it came out. I had a beta key to MOP because of a deal they had on at the time. Got a mage to 90 there. It was so pretty!


In MOP, I changed again to my Shaman, who I had to level up quite a ways since she wasn’t already at 85. The lands were lovely, the quests … kinda had some story to them, but I didn’t care much about it – bloody Anduin running off everywhere! I already hated Dread Wastes from the beta, and it is dull and boring and I hate those damn Klaxxi ><  Don’t get me started on the awful Golden Lotus grind. So many bloody dailies, and I hated them all except the farm and fishing. The dungeons got old quick, but I actually started to raid, both LFR and I tried a few times at Normal, but it was rather boring. There’s only so many times you can tolerate wiping on Garalon before it becomes un-fun. Raiding just isn’t my thing.


The more exciting parts came with following the stories inside the raids and from 5.3 onwards. Not the least of which was more alt-friendly things, like the commissions. From here I changed back to my good ol Warlock, who got a race change. The Barrens quests (still grindy, but at least they weren’t dailies!) and the Timeless Isle both were really exciting and I managed to gear up all the alts I don’t play so much very quickly (pretty much just use the pally for old raids – took me two level 85+ paladins to realise I’m not very good at melee).

And that’s where we are up to now! I have 8 full level 90s, 5 over ilvl 500 and SoO worthy (my friends got mad as hell when my poor abandoned horde hunter got five burdens of eternity! Overall I’ve gotten 18, but only two on my main. The RNG gods hate me and love my alts!).


As is usual, I’ve been sick pretty much the whole holidays. Awesome-not >< So my brain isn’t up to the task of identity politics and suburban alienation in American teenagers, but I can still kill!

My dear friends and I decided to take on the Firelands – none of us had ever been there before. We’re about fun! Doesn’t matter how many times we die, we don’t read about fights before we run in, and we just have a good time.

So here are the before and after pics of the bosses! There’s me as resto Shaman, monky swapped between tank and dps as necessary, and the hunters were BM and MM.


We didn’t figure out the string thing. Strings came down that you had to climb up for the boss, but the strings didn’t last long and we didn’t have enough to all get up there around the same time. So the monk went up while the hunters and I stayed below just taking down adds until the boss went into the next phase.


beth dead



We had a problem with adds at first – they rather like healers >< . So we just had the monk focus on the bosses legs, and the hunters on the adds and me healing. rhyo livingrhy deadAlysrazor

It’s a bit hard to take a pic of her living – as soon as she’s out, the fight starts pretty much. We died a LOT. We did actually have to go google to see how to do it. So instead of a living pic, here’s one of our floating skeletons!

flying corpse

alys downShannox

We sort of accidentally got his attention before I could take a pic! He was very easy, no deaths.

shannox downBaleroc

Only one wipe! Healers shouldn’t stand near the crystals.



baleroc deadMajordomo Staghelm

This fight was a little different than normal, as he was in cat form the whole time. It was just a DPS burndown.


By far, the easiest fight! It was nothing. Avoid the bad, kill the adds, hit the boss. No deaths.








WoW Selfies

Not much going on at the moment. It’s the holidays, and naturally as soon as they start, you get sick. I’ve been watching early Doctor Who episodes, and started Mad Men (yes, I’m years behind!). Also more Warcraft, of course. There’s some research going on, but I don’t have any substantial thoughts about any of it yet.

One thing I have taken up is selfies … of my WoW characters. I feel like I should show remorse for it, but WoW is full of interesting little details!belf - Copy

This here is my BElf hunter, showing off a stunning set I am yet to finish (damn non-matchy shoulders everywhere!). My friend laughs at me when I show him the armour sets I like on WoW, lots of chainmail bikinis. Depends on the character though, I choose non-combat pets that match their “personality”, as well as titles, which mounts they use, and of course the armour and weapons. duke grins - Copy

This was some quest text from Icecrown. I just like the added RP depth to what I was being asked to do. “GO KILL (number) (mob)” would be boring and meaningless without the additional text.
hks - Copy

Finally got this achievement, yayyy! My dear friends were online with me and we were all PvPing together at the time. AV was not offering many opportunities for killing, so I just ran IOC time after time after time. Little did I know, there’s an achievement AND title for 250,000 kills. This may take a while <.<leih - Copy

I love the look of this instance! This is my paladin at Vortex Pinnacle. It’s an instance in Uldum, a place rather muchly based on Ancient Egypt, which I’ve always had a fascination with (partly due to cat-worship, partly due to meeting @graecomuse in Egyptian Archaeology 101 XD).

magecleaning - Copy

This was a neat little detail I hadn’t noticed before on a Horde skyship, headed to Twilight Headlands. A mage deckhand. not the eye of sauron - Copy

This is totes not the Eye of Sauron … It’s just a big eye on top of a tower in a land corrupted by evil and ruled over by a really bad guy. Totes original XDqueen - Copy

Bow to the Slayer of the Archlich! Now bring me a sammich, mortal minions!
ray - Copy

Finally got my Skyguard reputation up and now have these lovely rays to ride. The purple, of course, is the best looking, and matches my mages armour. tauren

A quest in Karasang Wilds on Horde side that has a rather sad event, followed by the introduction of these adorable Tauren babies! Very pixely, but very cute. time lost figurineWith the Skyguard rep grind, I also got a trinket that turns me into a Skettis Arrokoa. Can’t mount with it on, sadly, but it looks very cool nonetheless XD

gargle and gurgle

This is in Zangarmarsh, just a troll witch doctor and his two pet murlocs, Gargle and Gurgle. They just pitter patter around his feet.
in the heart of horde homeland

In the heart of the Hordes land, beneath the shadow of Orgrimmar, the Alliance is just in the middle of it under a bubble and transforming people into robot cats.garroshbad

Now this image was disturbing. Basically, the leader of the Horde, Garrosh, is a big jerkface, the usual trying-to-take-over-the-world-for-the-pure-race villain. The trolls are rebelling against this evil orc. This is why we need to kill Garrosh!me n tyr

On a happier note – here’s my hunter and my friend Tyr, just before going to kill Galleon for the bajillionth time. Later, she helped me get the spectral porcupine XDrave

I found this picture on my old hard drive of a dear friend I met in WoW who died a few years ago. He was a rather serious player. Back in vanilla, I would tease him by running into giant elite mobs and laugh at him trying to save me. I stopped playing around the time of mid-end BC, but we still kept in touch and talked often. He was a great bloke 🙂

More, more, more transmogs!


Here is my lovely rogue wearing the Discovery Armor (recolour), and the unmogged heirlooms,  Stormshroud shoulders and  Scalet Kris for daggers. As Horde, I got the armor set from quests in A Thousand Needles, I think it’s the same for Alliance. I don’t know why my shoulders aren’t mogged to the same set <.<


This is my dear friend on her hunter alt. She’s sporting the Black Dragonscale set with Valanos’ longbow. A simple and elegant look that can be obtained from leatherworkers!


My dashing monk friend is wearing Firecharm legs, shoulders and hands with the Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain (there are alternatives for this if you have already done the starter quests for Jade Forest, it is also from Trial of Crusader – both for Rogue and just un-classed leather EDIT: All these are Alliance only designs! Sorry Hordies ><) and the Talon of Azshara. And nearby is the favourite pet of the moment, the Lesser Voidcaller!