Dungeons and Dragons: The Zombie Edition

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Okay, not the most original of all tabletop gaming, but my sister and I will be co-authoring a zombie apocalypse game! We decided we wanted to play one, but our DM has given over the story building to us (we are brilliantly creative, however not so good at numbers, so DM is investigating different systems we could use).

This is very exciting and fun. After a few days of research, tomorrow we’re going to Skype and argue which is the best way to go – alien zombies, terrorist zombies, panacea created zombies. Part of it will be creating the encounters, as constant hordes of shufflers would be particularly boring, and the NPCs. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of length in zombie stories (The Walking Dead flailed with its little plot arms in S2 and parts of S3). With the links below, I found quite a few L4D adventures and discussions. The range of zombies in L4D is brilliant, although I will be scarred forever by hunter/witch love fan fiction.

I want to go non-magic. A few fireballs would deal with even a moderate sized horde. Another issue, depending on the system the DM helps us find, is classes. Everyone would want to be a cleric for turn undead. Or modern, everyone wants to be from the army or group of survivalists with all the skills they could possibly need. The best zombie podcast, We’re Alive, has a few soldiers, but florists, janitors, psychologists, lawyers too. How to make those people useful will be part of the challenge for the players.

So we’ll be exploring zombies and tabletop gaming in this experiment, and for the meantime to entertain you, here’s some of the sites I’ve found useful so far.



General Suggestions/Tips/Ideas

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Other zombie/similar games:

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